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About us

Front Range Community Services (FRCS) is currently the only provider for the 4th Judicial District’s Community Service Program. FRCS serves as an agent between the courts and the community by administering community service sentences imposed in lieu of, or in addition to, fines, restitution and jail terms; or as a condition of probation.  The goal of our program is to assist the court in the administration of these sentences by coordinating the performance of community service workers to the mutual benefit of the courts, county and non-profit community agencies.

FRCS is a not for profit organization (501c3) located at 11 East Vermijo and has served this community since 1995.    Before 1995, there were 3 agencies providing administrative support for Useful Public Service (UPS) sentences.  FRCS was created due to an increase in court appointed community service cases.  In December 2004, FRCS was awarded the only contract to provide Adult UPS. Currently, FRCS coordinates the activities of approximately 6500+ active cases with 259 non-profit agencies with existing contracts in El Paso County, as well as receiving inter-county referrals from counties, including Teller County, in Colorado and other states. Due to the large military presence in Colorado Springs, FRCS works with other states as well as internationally to ensure clients perform and complete their UPS. 

Mission and Philosophy

The mission of Front Range Community Services, Inc. is to coordinate useful public service opportunities among court ordered service cases and non- profit/county agencies while achieving positive results for the El Paso County community.
FRCS program philosophy follows a holistic approach with the client and participating agencies.  FRCS believes in supporting the client throughout the entire process.  Our approach involves educating the clients about the entire process and helping them through their sentencing requirements.  This philosophy is applied by:

·    Helping clients understand their community service sentence;
·    Matching clients with an organization that best coincides with their schedule, interests, and completion date and charges;
·    Coordinating their placement with the appropriate agencies and ensuring all necessary paperwork has been provided and explained;
·    Ensuring that placement agencies meet FRCS’s guidelines for valid UPS hours;
·    Answering any questions regarding UPS reporting procedures;
·    Working with home bound clients to perform home projects that meet UPS guidelines;
·    Working with Spanish speaking clients to ensure their understanding of the process and finding placement within an organization that can accommodate Spanish speaking individuals.  This includes providing translation services and Spanish materials;
·    Ensuring court ordered attendance at the Victim Impact Panel Program and filing proof of attendance on the client’s behalf; and
·    Streamlining the compliance reporting for the client and courts while educating client on the process.